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ETL Developer

A highly experienced ETL Developer with 6 years of experience, proficient in Informatica and SSIS, and skilled in working with various data formats. Experienced in loading data into SQL Server, Snowflake, and AWS, with strong SQL skills and 2 years of Python experience. Proficient in reporting services like SSRS, Tableau, and Power BI. Recently affected by layoffs at their previous position but eager to interview and return to work immediately. Based in Omaha and open to office, hybrid, or remote work arrangements.



Data Architect

The individual possesses a strong background in data warehousing and ETL processes, showcasing expertise in database management, SQL, and business intelligence tools like Tableau. With a track record of effectively leading projects through the Software Development Life Cycle and collaborating with diverse stakeholders, they excel in project management and communication. Their analytical thinking shines through as they analyze data architecture goals and evaluate existing data infrastructure, demonstrating a knack for problem-solving and data-driven decision-making. Overall, this candidate brings a versatile skill set suitable for roles spanning data architecture, business intelligence, and project management in the realm of data analytics and technology.


Sr Data Analyst

A seasoned Senior Data and Analytics professional with a strong track record in data analysis and reporting possesses expertise in developing reports and dashboards using tools like SSRS, Crystal Reports, Jaspersoft, and Tableau, enhancing data visualization and decision-making capabilities. This role involves managing and maintaining server systems, leading requirement gathering, collaborating with cross-functional teams to translate data into actionable insights, and ensuring data accuracy. The professional also excels in troubleshooting technical issues related to reporting tools and data sources and effectively communicates complex concepts to non-technical stakeholders. Additionally, they contribute to process improvement and automation initiatives, further enhancing team productivity.



Software Engineer

With over 8 years of software development experience, they excel in Java, Spring, Spring Boot, and other technologies. They’ve led technical projects, from design to architecture and hands-on development. Their expertise extends to Python, PostgreSQL, AWS, microservices, TypeScript, and NodeJS. They adapt quickly to new tech and team sizes, offering architecture, design, and development support for clients.


Business Analyst & Salesforce Administrator

A highly skilled Salesforce Administrator with over 9 years of experience, this professional has served as a Senior Salesforce Administrator in two companies, consistently advancing and refining expertise each year. At AgilityHealth, this individual collaborates within a four-person team, assuming the role of a trusted advisor to leadership and internal teams, eliciting requirements for optimal system utilization. Demonstrating remarkable team-playing capabilities, exceptional communication, and organizational prowess, this professional thrives in a hybrid work model, ensuring consistent collaboration with peers.




Salesforce Developer

This adept software developer shines in Salesforce, adeptly sculpting custom solutions to refine business operations, while actively seeking avenues for personal growth within a nurturing work setting. Their insatiable thirst for knowledge drives them to continuously learn, fostering a collaborative spirit that thrives on teamwork. Adept at rapid problem-solving, they consistently engage with clients and colleagues to deeply understand business intricacies, strategically eliminating obstacles to expedite development, all with the aim of delivering optimal, swift solutions for superior outcomes.



Software Developer

A mid-level software developer with over three years of extensive full-stack experience, this individual began their career journey four years ago after graduating from Code Academy, joining a team at a renowned company focused on financial solutions. Currently part of a dynamic team comprising five developers at Orion, they actively engage in frontend development utilizing JavaScript, Angular, alongside backend work involving C# and .NET for API development. Notably, their recent pivotal project involves real-time data accessibility for financial advisors, where they spearhead the front-end development. Eager for a fresh challenge and craving professional growth, this developer seeks a new opportunity to diversify their skill set and expand their horizons in a collaborative hybrid team environment, currently residing in Omaha and open to hybrid work setups.



Data Scientist

An accomplished Data Scientist skilled in machine learning, financial accounting, process engineering, deep learning, R, Python, SQL, and more. With a Master’s in Data Science earned in May 2022, they possess extensive experience in predictive analytics, unbalanced data set classification, modeling, operational research techniques, time series analysis, and experiment design. They’ve collaborated with reputable organizations like FEMA, UNMC, and DataKind, leveraging a strong foundation in Mathematics with concentrations in Data Science, Statistics, and Pre-actuarial Science. Accompanied by dual minors in Business Administration and International Studies, their expertise offers a holistic approach to problem-solving. They seek new opportunities to apply their diverse Data Science skills and welcome invitations for potential collaborations and discussions.




Sr. DevOps Engineer

Experienced professional based in Costa Rica with over 7 years of extensive expertise in DevOps. Proficient in AWS, Lambda Functions, Python, Ansible, CI/CD, Jenkins, Bash scripting, GCP, Confluence, Terraform, Kubernetes, Docker, Cloudwatch, Jira, Linux administration, Code Ready, and Openshift. Recently engaged in GCP and AWS projects involving Jenkins, Docker, Ansible, and Gitlab. Available for interviews on short notice and ready to commence work immediately.



Service Desk Analyst

Results-driven IT Administrator with over a decade of experience in Information Technology, demonstrating proficiency in navigating the technological landscapes of various industries. Currently spearheading the management of IT infrastructure for a dynamic company with a workforce exceeding 500 employees across three offices in two states, this candidate showcases strong leadership and adaptability. Their strategic decision-making skills were evident in the successful orchestration of the seamless relocation of more than 300 employees to a new office building. As a creative problem solver, they excel in dynamic environments, consistently providing innovative solutions to complex IT challenges. With a proven track record of operational excellence, this candidate is poised to apply their extensive skills and experience to drive significant contributions to the success of a new organization.


Sr Application Analyst

A seasoned Senior Mainframe COBOL Programmer/Analyst with nearly 30 years of expertise in programming, design, analysis, and project management. Proficient in COBOL, JCL, and various tools like VSAM, Endeavor, SQL, and multiple databases, with a strong passion for coding. Possesses exceptional analytical prowess and adept troubleshooting skills, capable of both coding and maintaining mainframe systems.

Currently employed as a direct hire at FNBO, previously contributed as a contractor in a migration project for Principal Financial. Prioritizes a positive work culture, a cohesive team environment, and a balanced work-life equilibrium, remaining open to opportunities in direct hire, contract-to-hire, or contracting roles.


Fullstack Developer

With over 11 years of experience in software development, this professional has a strong background in ASP.NET, CSS, Node.JS, TypeScript, JavaScript, React.js, and SQL. Specializing in full-stack development focusing on Node.JS APIs for the past four years, they have successfully maintained and supported an online store using TypeScript, React, and NodeJS. Prior projects involved working with React, Redux, CSS, SQL, Typescript, and Node.JS. They are currently based in Costa Rica and ready to contribute immediately after completing their latest project.