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Data Analyst/Engineer

Data Analyst and Engineer with five years of experience in designing, developing, and implementing data pipelines and machine learning models. They manage and develop reporting for multiple business units and love to work with data to create reports, update processes, and automate wherever possible.

Primary skills include advanced levels in Python and SQL. They also do ETL work, mostly using the DBT tool to extract, transform, and load data, work with APIs, and pull data from Salesforce.

They work with data scientists and engineers to process and automate data and want to continue to grow within the data field. They are detail-oriented and an excellent communicator.


.Net Developer

Eight year .NET developer with strong experience in ASP.NET Core and vast backend development in C#. In the current role, they’ve been the go to trainer and mentor to junior developers on the team as well as others within the company. While their team has no dedicated DevOps engineer, they are responsible for the most of the team’s Azure Cloud infrastructure as well as all CI/CD deployments.

Cloud DevOps Engineer

Seven-year IT Professional with over three years of experience as a Cloud/DevOps Engineer with hands-on IT experience in managing and optimizing cloud-based resources and infrastructures with AWS, Azure, and GCP, – leveraging Kubernetes and Docker for container orchestration, implementing infrastructure as code (IaC) using Terraform – automating CI/CD processes using Python and Ansible.

Technical Business Analyst

With over 15 years of experience in the IT field, this professional has held diverse roles as a Business Analyst, Project Manager, and Quality Assurance Analyst. While they have a strong background in IT business processes, they also have hands-on experience with SQL. In their most recent position, they officially held the title of Scrum Master. Responsibilities spanned Scrum, Project Management, and Business Analysis.

This individual’s passion lies in the Business Analyst role, where they excel at analyzing processes, gathering requirements, and creating comprehensive documentation. They are actively seeking a new opportunity that leverages their expertise in Business Analysis, Project Management, and process improvement. Additionally, they are open to working in an office environment and thrive on team collaboration.




Data Engineer

With 15 years of experience in data engineering, this professional possesses a robust background in crafting and maintaining data structures and environments tailored for machine learning and advanced analytics. Collaborating closely with data scientists, they have actively contributed to developing production systems and large data models. Their expertise extends to creating custom Python modules for internal database operations, variable transformation, and predictive model implementation, resulting in successfully deploying over 30 production predictive models for clients.

With proficiency in SQL, they have designed more than 500 data tables across diverse technology stacks. Furthermore, as a project lead, they excel in communication, bridging gaps between leadership, software engineers, and data scientists. Their innovative spirit is evident through their involvement in cutting-edge proof of concepts, including technologies like DataRobot, and their ability to integrate new solutions into complex, regulated environments. Currently, they play a pivotal role in supporting model and system migrations during one of the most significant corporate integrations in the financial sector’s history.