Our Resumes

Data Analyst

Data Analyst with expertise in crafting visualizations and providing analysis
for complex datasets to customers in both technical and non-technical
realms. A creative and highly motivated problem solver who works diligently
to provide others with simple solutions to complex problems. Seeking
opportunities to both lead and learn.

DevSecOps Engineer

World traveler that is curious about how society operates in other countries compared to the United States and how he can make a difference by applying his technical knowledge to solve complex problems that are efficient and scalable following the AGILE, CICD and LEAN methodologies.

Java Developer

9 year software developer who focuses on Back End Java Development. Starting out building iOS applications for camp lighting prototypes using Swift, and then using MySQL to build out databases for new application modules, he has found his niche today in Bank/Finance IT. In his current role, he has facilitated the migration of applications from Java 6 to Java 8, redesigned applications, built a new REST API for Wire Templates, and onboarded and trained newer developers.

.NET Developer

This Nearshore Developer has been with Cordova since 2019 and comes highly recommended. Recently off contract, they have developed skills in Salesforce, Node JS and Java. They are considered a full stack developer and is proficient in both but prefers to work backend. Read on for more on the tech stack of this highly proficient Developer!