Sr. DevOps Engineer


Demonstrated leadership in overseeing and leading small teams, maintaining control over metrics and KPIs, providing support, and effectively managing client needs across various projects.


Skilled in a wide array of tools and technologies encompassing Python, Django, Ansible, Jenkins, Kubernetes, Gitlab, and various database management systems (PostgreSQL, MySQL) for scripting, automation, and system administration across diverse platforms and applications.


Proficient in orchestrating and enhancing infrastructure using Terraform for automation, implementing CI/CD pipelines, and managing diverse cloud environments.

About Sr. DevOps Engineer

Experienced professional based in Costa Rica with over 7 years of extensive expertise in DevOps. Proficient in AWS, Lambda Functions, Python, Ansible, CI/CD, Jenkins, Bash scripting, GCP, Confluence, Terraform, Kubernetes, Docker, Cloudwatch, Jira, Linux administration, Code Ready, and Openshift. Recently engaged in GCP and AWS projects involving Jenkins, Docker, Ansible, and Gitlab. Available for interviews on short notice and ready to commence work immediately.