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Creating customized staffing solutions to fit budget, central timezone, and technology alignment.

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Who we are

With 30+ years of experience in sales tech, executive nearshore solutions, and staffing, Cordova demonstrates its expertise by collaborating with enterprises of diverse scales and sectors on a global scale.

For us, success is intentional, and every project has its unique challenges. Cordova starts by assessing every project or job opening with a goal in mind. We work with businesses of all sizes and industries and specialize in headhunting, staff augmentation, and managed solutions. Our Client Partners operate as the point of contact for companies and anticipate their needs while Talent Partners seek out highly skilled individuals looking for new contract, direct-to-hire, and contract-to-hire opportunities within IT, Executive, and Sales industries.


How Cordova navigates IT team growth solutions with precision

 Talent Acquisition

Talent Acquisition is a strategic function of an organization, encompassing talent procurement, workforce planning, organizational talent forecasting, pipelining, talent assessment, and development. The post-and-pray approach to hiring is not enough. Period, Collaborating with Cordova allows companies to be engaged in a strategic partnership that provides results.

Positions we fill:

All verticals of Executive, IT and Sales roles.

Staff Augmentation

Whether your looking to completely outsource a project or
supplementing existing teams, Cordova has candidates ready at any given time, supplemented by our intentional search for the right talent. Bring resources on board and up to speed with ease through managed solutions, Cordova Nearshore Solutions, and small teams of onshore contractors.

Cordova Nearshore Solutions

Our CNS teams work in Software, Hardware, Security, Data, DevOps, and other various roles.

Managed Solutions

Let’s build something together. Our team is experienced in architecting, building, and maintaining specific technology solutions for our clients. Whatever you are imagining we can help create a blueprint for your demand.

Technology Specialties:

Why Choose Cordova?



Save Time, Find Better Candidates

We get it. You are already paying for job board subscriptions, Linkedin accounts, and talent screening teams. When it’s time to partner with a firm, you shouldn’t pay for more of the same. Cordova finds talent you won’t see on job boards.

Better Hiring Practices

We will take the time to understand your industry, the culture of your organization, the uniqueness of the role, and connect you to the best talent in the marketplace. We understand you don’t want to screen more resumes, you want a targeted search that leads them to the right candidate.


Staffing Options

Recruiting isn’t one size fits all. We will work with you to find a solution that fits your organization. Staff augmentation, we have that covered. Managed Solutions, we have that covered. Headhunting, we have that covered.

Job Seekers:

A partnership with Cordova starts when you are happy in your career, but asking yourself, “What’s next”

Get Matched to Your Dream Job

The job you’re craving may not be advertised. That’s where we come in. We will work with you to understand your career evolution, what you want to do next, the compensation structure you’re looking for, and the company culture that motivates you to do your best work. Then we’ll get to work to find the right role at the right company.

Cordova's Partners

Join the Cordova Team

Since 2017 Cordova’s mission has been to create growth solutions that matter the most to organizations and the candidates we represent. At Cordova, delivering results that matter to our customers is an act of intentionality. Delivering these results builds a competitive environment that puts our customers first and creates a culture of achievement, accountability, diligence, and growth.

People are the foundation for organizational success and it all starts with leadership. We believe that each employee and partner contributes directly to Cordova's growth and success. Our team has over 40 years of experience building connections all over the region.

We are confident our team will be instrumental in our continued development and advancement. We’re ready to build you up with us.

Employee Benefits


Two Healthcare Plan Options


Life Insurance


Short-Term Disability


Dental Insurance


Unlimited PTO*

*for sales employees


Vision Insurance