Growing and maintaining a business can be narrowed down to three key factors:


Talent Acquisition

It’s more than just recruiting. It’s a strategic function of an organization, encompassing talent procurement, workforce planning, organizational talent forecasting, pipelining, talent assessment, and development. A “post and ‘pray” approach to hiring is not the way to grow or the way to find the best talent for your organization.  A Cordova partnership is more than just recruitment, it’s a partnership in talent acquisition.


Talent Development

Attracting and hiring talent is just the beginning.  Retaining your key employees is the ultimate goal.  Research indicates that one of the fastest best solutions avenues to retention is investing in the development of your people. Cordova’s Talent Acquisition training is geared toward developing your human resources teams beyond just compliance and legal challenges. An investment in Talent Acquisition is an investment in your company’s growth and retention.



Sales is not a training exercise, it’s a must.  Success requires a well-trained, thoroughly prepared, customer-oriented sales force dedicated to business development and long-term client relationships. Cordova works with our clients to build or enhance a sales process that is intentional, measurable, and maximizes the use of technology. Our solutions are tailored to elevate your team’s ability to achieve specific marketing and business initiatives.

Customized solutions to fit your business.

Recruiting Solutions

Direct Hire, Contract-to-hire & Contract

We get it.  You are already paying for job board subscriptions, linkedin accounts, and talent and resume screening teams. When it’s time to partner with a firm, you shouldn’t pay for more of the same. Cordova finds talent you won’t see on job boards.

We will take the time to understand your industry, the culture of your organization, the uniqueness of the role, and connect you to the right talent in the marketplace. Our clients don’t want to screen more resumes, they want a targeted search that leads them to the right candidate.

  • Alignment

    Meet with the client to discuss the search, understand the culture, and the expectations of the search.

  • Search

    Begin the search, using our extensive network to find the right fit for your organization, sharing your story in a way that a posting or job ad just can’t do.

  • Match

    Screening, interviewing, referencing, only the best options for your role to find the right person for your position

  • Closing

    Working with you and the candidate to make sure that any offer extended sticks.

  • Experience

    The candidate process that grows the employment brand of the organization and the talent pipeline for future searches.

A partnership with Cordova starts when you are happy with your career, but asking yourself, “What’s next?``

The job you’re craving may not be advertised.  That’s where we come in.  We will work with you to understand your evolution, what you want to do next, the compensation structure you’re looking for, and the company culture that motivates you to do your best work.  Then we’ll get to work to find the right role at the right company.

Team Solutions

Continuing education for your HR teams should go beyond just policy, process, compliance and compensation training.

One of the most critical and costly demands facing Human Resources is Talent Acquisition. Outside recruiters are an option, but shouldn’t be the first solution, nor should the post and pray method. Cordova believes the best option is to invest in an environment where your internal team is the agency of choice for your organization.

Cordova works with organizations to create customized recruitment training solutions to make sure their teams have the skills necessary to meet the demands of Talent Acquisition in today’s environment. Cold Call techniques, branding, search paths, closing, talent pipelines, all the techniques agencies use without the placement fees.

Our engagement starts with a Talent Acquisition Assessment. We spend the time to understand where your team is currently, identify areas for improvement, and deliver a customized solution that we execute on when you are ready.

  • Alignment

    Internal alignment with business partners, trust, advocacy of the demands facing each business unit, and true understanding of the talent needed.

  • Search

    Building extensive networks that align with needs of your business partners, sharing the compelling story to attract the right talent.

  • Match

    Screening, interviewing, referencing, only the best options for your business partners to find the right person for the role.

  • Closing

    Consulting with your business partners to make sure that any offer extended is aligned and sticks.

  • Experience

    The candidate process that grows employment brand of the organization and the talent pipeline for future searches

Organizational alignment is the foundation for growth and integral to maximizing the potential of your people and sales.

Our expertise is helping clients create internal and external structures that align to your stated mission, financial and sales goals, and brand intent. Oftentimes, there is great vision in creating the goals and mission of the organization, but you’re left wondering why you’re missing your targets month after month. Sales, marketing, operations, service, training, and recruiting must be aligned properly to the mission and goals of the organization, or they won’t fuel the growth you are capable of achieving. Developing a brilliant strategy takes vision, experience, and confidence.

Whether an organization is just starting out or firmly established, the challenge to realize their full market potential can be overwhelming and can create more questions than answers. Creating the right sales structure that aligns internal resources and external resources can be the difference between growing a business or closing a business. We help our clients simplify the process of reaching full market potential with a structure that grows your business.

We take the time to understand your organization, team, and your ability to sustain the solutions we deliver to ensure the success of your efforts. Our approach is hands-on and customized to each client to ensure a lasting impact around the three foundations of success: Business Development, Client Development, and Alignment.

  • Business Development

    • Technology Optimization – Measure, predict, systematic and repeatable approaches to business development
    • Strategic Approach – Market Analysis, Prospect Diagnosis, Market and Tactical Approach to growth
    • Sales Training – One on one mentorship for tactical approaches to increased sales
    • Leadership Training – Organizational and Departmental Alignment, Compensation Analysis, One on One coaching
  • Client Development

    • Building customer rapport – Systematic approaches, relationship management, service delivery
    • Leveraging Customer Networks – Customer referrals, testimonials, Service Assessments
    • Navigating Conflict Resolution – Give and take methodology, one on one coaching, situational learning
  • Allignment

    • Sales Assesment – Asses the sales Process, talent, technology, and marketing alignment
    • CRM Design and Audit – Maximizing technology for growth
    • Compensation Design – Retaining sales talent and maximizing the bottom line
    • Marketing Alignment – Setting the stage for Sales success and measurable results

About Us

Cordova is about creating growth solutions that matter the most to your organization. Sales, development of your human capital, and recruitment of your future workforce.

Our team has over 15 years of experience working with business of all sizes and industries. We believe:

  • Sales should be a system of repeatable and measurable processes
  • When you are developing your team, you deserve a resource with real experience
  • When you need help finding talent, you deserve a true Headhunter

Internal Careers

  • Business Development

    Work with the best organizations and build partnerships that have lasting impacts.  Our Client Partners are dynamic, intelligent, responsive and anxious to make a difference for their clients and their career.

  • Recruiter

    It’s about finding the best talent for our clients.  Helping talent find the right career for them.  Driven, empathetic, over achievers make the best team members.

  • Trainer

    Dynamic leaders that enjoy developing teams and mentoring others is just the beginning.  Our people seek out opportunities to help and enjoy the chaos of learning!

  • Office Management

    Working with driven, energetic partners is the perfect opportunity to align genius with execution.


Prior to starting Cordova, Gabe spent more than fifteen years gaining business experience in both national and international sales management. Gabe’s experience includes managing business and operations in the digital, staffing, and telecommunications industries. He has worked with companies throughout the Midwest on staffing contingency plans, compensation plan design, and resource planning for both immediate projects and long-term growth. His experience includes growing and coaching sales and marketing teams.

Gabe is a firm believer in giving back to the community he loves and passionate about improving it for future generations. He currently serves on the University of Nebraska at Omaha Alumni board and has had previous roles in the Nebraska PeopleSoft User Group, One World Community Health, Nebraska CIO Forum Board, and Iowa Western Community College Board.  Gabe also graduated from the Omaha Chamber’s Leadership Omaha.

Gabe holds an Executive Master’s of Business Administration from the University of Nebraska at Omaha and holds a Certified Personnel Consultant and a Certified Internet Recruiter certification. Gabe was awarded 40 Under 40 from the Midlands Business Journal as well as UNO’s Alumni Award for Excellence in Public Service.

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