Nearshore Solutions

What is Nearshore?

CNS (Cordova Nearshore Solutions) was created out of necessity, to take on challenges and to meet the needs of our customers across the country.

Finding top-tier tech talent can be a nationwide struggle. At Cordova Nearshore Solutions (CNS), we understand that. Cordova bridges the gap by connecting you with our established network of highly skilled consultants in countries like Costa Rica, Brazil, Peru, Mexico, and Panama. All operating within the Central Time Zone for seamless collaboration based directly on your needs. 

Why CNS?

  • Quality You Can Trust: We go beyond borders, not standards. Rigorous skills assessments and in-depth reference checks ensure our consultants are exceptional, not just qualified.
  • Building Strong Partnerships: We believe in lasting relationships. By fostering genuine connections with our nearshore team, we ensure clear communication and a deep understanding of your needs.
  • Your Proven Partner: Nearshore is your cost-effective solution for critical projects, peak demands, software excellence, and high-demand resources.

Our Process

1. Identify Your Needs

 Not every project or resource demand is best suited for CNS. However, when it's a fit it's a fit. For example:

  • Short term projects that place a high demand on current resources, but need delivered
  • Sunsetting technology that is not going away any time soon, but requires talent retention
  • Budget limitations for on shore contractors or FTEs
  • Challenges with offshore resources, such as time delay, retention, or communication

2. Select the Team

 Our CNS teams are interviewed, referenced, and given skills assessments prior to being hired. Many of our contractors have been with us on several projects and proven resources with our clients. You have the opportunity to meet and screen all resources prior to the start of any engagement, to ensure they are a fit for you and your team.

3. Begin Work

Once the resource(s) have been selected, we will begin team onboarding. We will send necessary equipment and/or create the credentials for each consultant to access company systems.

Why Choose CNS

Highly skilled talent


Central time zone

Seamless integration with existing teams

Better retention rates

Short flight to and from Latin America

Cost effective

Career Portal:

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