Software Engineer


Led the development of a robust restaurant eCommerce mobile app platform and strategically transformed loyalty and payment processor systems


Independently architected and launched an AI culinary assistant with a novel modular architecture


Crafted cutting-edge Python & Flask APIs, strengthened system defenses

About Software Engineer

With over 8 years of software development experience, they excel in Java, Spring, Spring Boot, and other technologies. They’ve led technical projects, from design to architecture and hands-on development. Their expertise extends to Python, PostgreSQL, AWS, microservices, TypeScript, and NodeJS. They adapt quickly to new tech and team sizes, offering architecture, design, and development support for clients.





Eight years of Java 14 and various libraries. With 5 years of experience in Spring framework, Spring Hibernate, Spring MVC, and REST APIs, they've spent the last three years with Spring Boot. Notably, they developed a high-traffic reservation system for IHG, handling up to 100k calls per day on their website and mobile app using Java and APIs.

React/ Angular

Four years of experiene maintaining front-end applications while comprehending the full-stack development process. While primarily focused on back-end development, they actively collaborate with front-end developers.


Four years of experience in AWS developing PIs for AWS, database andinfrastructure, containerization with ECS, used DynamoDB and ETL pipelines.