Software Developer


Skilled in AngularJS and Angular 11 for frontend development


Experienced in managing Microsoft Access databases


Proficient in utilizing C#/.NET and Entity Framework to develop and enhance API endpoints

About Software Developer

A mid-level software developer with over three years of extensive full-stack experience, this individual began their career journey four years ago after graduating from Code Academy, joining a team at a renowned company focused on financial solutions. Currently part of a dynamic team comprising five developers at Orion, they actively engage in frontend development utilizing JavaScript, Angular, alongside backend work involving C# and .NET for API development. Notably, their recent pivotal project involves real-time data accessibility for financial advisors, where they spearhead the front-end development. Eager for a fresh challenge and craving professional growth, this developer seeks a new opportunity to diversify their skill set and expand their horizons in a collaborative hybrid team environment, currently residing in Omaha and open to hybrid work setups.





Javascript / Angular

3+ years Experience working with both Angular 11 and AngularJS to design and implement frontend components required for our integration projects.

C#/ .net

3+ years utilizing C#/.NET to develop and maintain various API endpoints.