Sr Data Analyst


Provided frontline technical support, exceeding service level agreements for response and resolution times


Assisted in training and supporting end-users in report generation, access, and utilization of reporting tools


Led the development and implementation of customized workflows for various IT departments

About Sr Data Analyst

A seasoned Senior Data and Analytics professional with a strong track record in data analysis and reporting possesses expertise in developing reports and dashboards using tools like SSRS, Crystal Reports, Jaspersoft, and Tableau, enhancing data visualization and decision-making capabilities. This role involves managing and maintaining server systems, leading requirement gathering, collaborating with cross-functional teams to translate data into actionable insights, and ensuring data accuracy. The professional also excels in troubleshooting technical issues related to reporting tools and data sources and effectively communicates complex concepts to non-technical stakeholders. Additionally, they contribute to process improvement and automation initiatives, further enhancing team productivity.





Business Objects Crystal Reporting

Streamlined report distribution and improved efficiency by managing and administering Crystal Enterprise Server, overseeing user access and scheduling.

Leadership Initiative

Played a key role in implementing a comprehensive reporting system to track key performance indicators (KPIs), providing insights into team productivity, response times, and issue trends.


Excelled in report development and design using SSRS and Crystal Reports, ensuring accurate data representation and insightful visualization.