Breaking Free from Hiring Headaches: 4 Reasons Why Cordova Should be Your Business’ Secret Weapon

A perfect tech candidate sourced by Cordova Solutions being chosen by a hiring manager out of a group

Juggling endless to-do lists, chasing deadlines, and keeping clients happy – your plate is more than full as a business owner. It’s heaped. So, it’s often tempting to push hiring teams to use the post-and-pray method when looking for talent. But that’s where you could be making a critical mistake. Hiring is not a back burner to-do. Finding a fit is easy— finding a great fit — that can take a good amount of time and a great amount of effort. That’s where Cordova, your friendly neighborhood talent acquisition superstars, come in. We’ll take that plate and serve up the right candidates for your needs. 

Here are four reasons why teaming up with Cordova can be a game-changer for your hiring process. 

1. We can give you back the gift of time

Forget endless resume sifting and calendar coordination. Cordova will provide you with pre-vetted candidates that match your needs. Furthermore, we can do it quicker than your HR team, who might not fully understand what the right person looks like. Partnering with an IT staffing agency can significantly reduce the time it takes to find the right candidates. This speed is crucial in today’s fast-paced business environment, where swift adaptation to market shifts and technological advancements is paramount.

2. Cordova is part of an unlimited network

Your ideal candidate might not be looking at your job post – they might not even be actively looking, but we know who they are and how to find them. Cordova has extensive talent pools overflowing with qualified candidates you might have needed help to reach. Our team has spent time cultivating relationships with the hidden gems, even for those niche skill sets.

3. Our team can help you with creative cost solutions

You might think outsourcing is expensive, but think again. Staffing firms often save you money in the long run by cutting recruitment costs, reducing paperwork, and minimizing hiring risks. Plus, you only pay for the time you need, so there are no more expensive overheads for permanent hires who might not work out. Cordova also provides the added benefit of having a Nearshore Solutions network, granting access to an expansive talent pool in Central America while fostering improved communication and collaboration, thanks to our teams operating in the Central Time Zone. 

4. Providing peace of mind 

Bad hires can be a nightmare. A reputable staffing partner like Cordova can act as your hiring safety net. Our expertise in screening, assessment, and reference checks helps you avoid costly bad decisions and ensures you bring in rockstars, not duds. 

But don’t just take our word for it, here are a few reviews from happy partners:

“I really enjoy working with the staff at Cordova. They listen, they work hard, and they hustle to find me the best candidates available for my positions. I consider them one of my Top Tier go to firms when looking for IT Staffing.”

“I can tell their people are passionate, connected and knowledgeable in the industry. All three qualities you need when looking for staff or to be staffed.”

“I have worked for Cordova for nearly two years. A great team who has taken care of me and kept me working all that time. They care about their contractors and the businesses they serve.”

Cordova can be your helping hand toward successful hiring

You can finally breathe with your hiring woes in capable hands. Use that newfound time to strategize, innovate, and grow your business. Remember, you’re a leader, not a recruiter. Let the pros handle the talent hunt while you conquer the market.

Ready to unleash your business potential? Stop struggling and start winning with the right talent by your side. Contact Cordova today and watch your team and your business thrive!