Think Beyond the Resume: Navigating the Human Side of Tech Recruiting

Steve Lowisz, in his aptly titled book Recruiting Sucks…But It Doesn’t Have To, throws a life raft
to new recruiters, outlining five core principles that can transform their approach. So, put aside
the usual résumé drill – it’s time for a chat that dives deep into the heads and hearts of your
candidates with the 5 Ps:

● Purpose
● Person
● People
● Profession
● Profits

Everyone is motivated by the Ps, but definitions will vary from person to person. As a recruiter,
you must ask what really lights a fire under someone.

1. Purpose


Purpose-driven candidates are the ones who primarily value company culture. They’re looking for a big picture that aligns with their perspectives. As a recruiter, you must ask questions to determine what drives their decisions and shapes their path. A recruiter can peek behind the proverbial curtain, look for companies with a clear purpose, and get honest answers about their impact, goals, and values. This can help you feel secure in making the leap into a place where your contributions feel meaningful, where every task feeds your sense of purpose.

For example, let’s say David, a data analyst, felt stagnant in his previous role and wanted a more active opportunity. He worked with a recruiter and got placed at a company focusing on healthcare access in underserved communities. His skills in identifying trends help optimize outreach programs, directly impacting patients’ lives fueling his dedication.


2. Person 


This is a tricky one, but sense of self can tell you a lot about a candidate. Do they prioritize mental well-being? Do they slog through work via caffeine? Do they meal plan? How candidates care for themselves will ultimately influence how they approach work. A more balanced person is a motivated and engaged employee.


3. People 


Is work-life balance just a buzzword or a non-negotiable? How a candidate interacts with their family, friends, and others around them will affect the jobs they seek. Understanding their relationships helps you find jobs that fit their values and priorities. A great example is the shift in candidates desiring more remote roles after COVID. There are a lot of people who are willing to take pay cuts if it means they can spend more time at home with their family.


4. Profession


People motivated by this P often answer the question, “What’s most important to you in your next role?” with “growth opportunities.” They’re not just a list of skills but a walking, talking vision of their future selves. What do they want to achieve? Why? Uncover their “why,” and you’ll find the perfect stepping stone on their path to greatness.


5. Profits 


Yes, money matters – but how much? And what does financial freedom mean to them? Is it a mansion on the beach or a guilt-free Friday afternoon soccer game with the kids? Knowing their financial drivers helps you find the right compensation package to keep them happy and motivated.


More than a number

Look, it’s easy to get caught up in the numbers game. But remember, people aren’t robots. They’re driven by passion, purpose, and a lot of heart. Dig into those five Ps, and you’ll find the perfect candidate and build a lasting relationship based on mutual understanding and respect.



Cordova’s Approach to Talent Sourcing

Cordova works with businesses of all sizes and industries, specializing in headhunting, staff augmentation, and managed software solutions. Our Client Partners operate as the point of contact for companies and anticipate their needs. At the same time, Talent Partners seek out highly skilled individuals, nearshore included,  looking for new contract, direct-hire, and contract-to-hire opportunities within executive level and IT teams.

Delivering results that matter to our customers is an act of intentionality. Providing these results builds a competitive environment that puts our customers first and creates a culture of achievement, accountability, diligence, and growth. People are the foundation for organizational success, starting with leadership. Each employee and partner contributes directly to Cordova’s development and success. 


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