Sr. Developer


Spearheaded the development of C# web API backend and Angular Front Ends for business applications


Played a pivotal role as an Operations Reporting Analyst, proficiently utilizing SQL, Netezza, Crystal Reports, Tableau, VBA, and Excel


Proficiency in VBA and VB.net applications that significantly enhanced business processes and workflow.

About Sr. Developer

With over a decade of experience in development within an Agile DevOps environment, this professional is a seasoned Senior Developer adept at creating robust business applications. Their expertise spans various technologies, including C#, VB.Net, Angular, Node.js, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, MS SQL, Postgres SQL, Netezza SQL, and Cache SQL. In a previous role as an Operations Reporting Analyst at a leading financial institution, they played a pivotal role in facilitating data reporting and ETL processes using SQL, Netezza, Crystal Reports, Tableau, VBA, and Excel.

Additionally, their contributions as Process Improvement Coordinator underscores their proficiency in developing VBA and VB.net applications, ultimately enhancing business processes and workflow. With a foundation in Cisco Networking, as evidenced by an Associate of Applied Science from Metropolitan Community College, this professional brings a holistic and versatile skill set to drive technological advancements and operational excellence.





Agile DevOps Experience

Experience in working within an Agile DevOps environment, showcasing proficiency in collaborative and iterative development methodologies.

Database Management

MS SQL Postgres SQL Netezza SQL Cache SQL

Programming Languages

C# VB.Net Angular Node.js HTML CSS JavaScript