Software Engineer


Demonstrated leadership and mentorship skills by guiding interns and developers at different levels.


Played a key role in front-end projects, including active involvement in the creation of UI Component libraries.


7+ years of experience, specializing in HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Typescript.

About Software Engineer

A seasoned Software Engineer with over 7 years of experience, specializing in front-end development. Throughout the academic journey and professional career in Lincoln, NE, currently holding the position of Software Engineer III, this individual has demonstrated proficiency in HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Typescript. As an expert in React.js, they have played a pivotal role in front-end projects, utilizing styled components and state management. Their contributions extend beyond coding, as they collaborate with back-end and devops developers to create internal tools and actively contribute to the cultivation of UI Component libraries. Their passion for front-end development was sparked during their time at the Raikes Design Studio Team, where they worked on implementing Entity Framework Core for their tutorial. Their diverse experience also includes roles, where they honed their skills in Ember.js, C#/Asp.Net MVC 5, and SQL. With a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, this individual brings a wealth of knowledge and mentorship experience, having guided interns and developers at various levels in understanding the intricacies of the front-end ecosystem.





Javascript / Typescript

Used HTML, CSS, Javascript and Typescript for front end development projects. Worked on solely front end teams to do web development and upgrades to applications.


Expert level in React.js, using it for front end projects at Spreetail and also on prior projects while at Raikes. Used styled components and state management within React.js