Senior Architect


Led the solution architecture and implementation of various modules for a major financial institution merger involving Java, Spring Boot, AWS, and Google Cloud.


Improved the overall architecture and runtime efficiency of a nightly reconciliation job for a large brokerage firm.


Led the architecture, design, and implementation of a crew optimization project for a major railroad using Java.

About Senior Architect

Highly experienced Principal Engineer & Architect with over 20 years of expertise in implementing solutions and leading technical aspects of enterprise applications. Proven track record in cloud/legacy application migrations, mergers and acquisitions, ensuring scalability, resiliency, performance, and security. Possesses in-depth knowledge of fullstack development, architecture, and Cloud (AWS) technologies.

Seeks a stable, long-term position that will allow them to leverage extensive experience in a collaborative team environment. Thrives in an in-office setting and excels at communication and leadership.





Extensive experience using Java for application development (nearly 24 years). Proficient with various Java versions (from 1.2 to current 17). Actively evaluating new versions (e.g., Java 21). Holds SCJP certification.


Exposure to service-oriented architecture (SOA) and event-driven architecture (EDA) began in 2009 at a previous employer. Experience with microservices architecture first emerged during a project that utilized an SOA approach with an enterprise service bus (ESB). Subsequent experience involved migrating legacy applications to Spring Boot microservices (leveraging Spring 6.x and Spring Boot 3.x versions). Current role utilizes a pure microservices architecture, with each application functioning as a true microservice.


Completed IBM Solutions Architect training in 2008. Leveraged these skills extensively in subsequent projects, including application redesign, development of new applications, and enterprise architecture initiatives. Additionally possess experience in cloud architecture (AWS).