CNS Software Engineer


Developed billing platform modules using OpenShift, Java, and Kafka, streamlining processes, improving accuracy, and enabling real-time financial insights for a client in the travel industry.


Led the integration of billing systems with a new cloud ERP system using Java services, boosting data processing efficiency and providing real-time insights.


Contributed to a company's digital transformation in Argentina by modernizing their platforms with Spring Boot and Angular, ensuring competitiveness in the evolving digital landscape.

About CNS Software Engineer

A highly skilled Software Engineer with over six years of experience across various industries, brings a proven ability to design and develop impactful software solutions. These solutions streamline processes, improve accuracy, and drive real-time insights. Their expertise lies in modern technologies like Spring Boot, Java, Kafka, and Cloud platforms (AWS, GCP).

This individual has a history of success, including implementing real-time financial insights and streamlined billing using OpenShift and Java. They led the integration of billing systems with Oracle Cloud ERP, boosting efficiency and real-time data access. Additionally, they designed and implemented a scalable microservices architecture with Kotlin and Kafka for an e-commerce platform, enabling real-time data exchange. Furthermore, their contributions were instrumental in a digital transformation in Argentina by modernizing Spring Boot and Angular platforms. Finally, they developed a new platform using Spring Boot to support client loan and mortgage decision-making processes.





Leveraged Java to build robust, scalable solutions across diverse industries (retail, finance, gaming). Expertise includes microservices design, backend systems for transactions, and workflow automation. Utilized various Java versions (including Java 11) to deliver reliable, efficient applications that meet complex business needs.


Built microservices and standalone applications for rapid development and deployment. Improved system scalability and maintainability by migrating monoliths to microservices using Spring Boot and Java. Delivered efficient, modular backend systems for easy management and extension.


AWS deployment and management expert, ensuring optimal performance and scalability. Utilized diverse services like EC2, ECR, SQS, and S3 for compute power, container registry, message queuing, and storage, respectively. Migrated monoliths to microservices on AWS for enhanced flexibility and reliability. Delivered highly available applications that handle varying loads.