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Nearshore Technology Director

This results-oriented professional thrives at the intersection of business and technology. Their sharp analytical skills, honed with tools like Excel, Tableau, and Power BI, drive customer-centric initiatives. Proven leadership in customer service focused on team coaching and exceeding satisfaction metrics (CSAT) demonstrates their dedication to positive outcomes. They excel in project management, process improvement, and data-driven decision making (KPIs). Rounding out their skillset is a strong technical background in databases, networking, programming, and Jira administration, coupled with excellent communication and leadership abilities.

Senior Developer

A results-oriented Tech Lead with over seven years of experience leading and mentoring software development teams. Proven ability to deliver high-quality solutions on time and within budget. Expertise in Agile methodologies, cloud technologies, and microservices architecture. Successfully migrated teams to Trunk Based Development and implemented feature flags for efficient deployments and led the decoupling of shared resources between two large job posting websites and the migration of a monolithic application to microservices—extensive experience in backend development with .Net, building APIs, and integrating with various third-party systems.


Nearshore Software Developer

The software developer is passionate about learning new technologies and has experience building mobile applications with features like social login, reusable components, and camera access. They have also worked on projects that required fixing design, functionality, and authentication bugs. Some of their recent projects involved implementing impersonation flow and design updates and building a React Native app with social login, reusable components, and camera access. They have also developed a React Native app with authentication and data presentation features and implemented new authentication and email deliverability features.


SQL Developer

A highly skilled SQL Developer with expertise in designing, implementing, and maintaining robust database solutions, leverages various technologies to support diverse business needs and drive operational excellence. Their proficiency spans data management (modeling, pipelines, ETL/SSIS), reporting (SSRS) and analysis, performance optimization, and development (stored procedures, scripts) across platforms like Cloud Computing (AWS) and Data Management Platforms.


Project Manager (Azure-DevOps)

A results-oriented project manager with over 7 years of experience in leading and delivering complex IT initiatives. Proven ability to manage budgets, resources, and stakeholders to ensure projects meet strategic goals and deliver value. Skilled in Agile methodologies, data security, and fostering high-performing teams.


QA Automation Engineer

With over seven years of experience in testing and automation, this candidate possesses skills in developing and maintaining API tests using frameworks like RestSharp with C# in Visual Studio. Their expertise extends to creating automated regression tests with Selenium and C# for custom applications. While their background doesn’t include hands-on mobile automation, they have manual mobile testing experience and a keen interest in exploring this area further. They also thrive in a hybrid work environment.


Senior Architect

Highly experienced Principal Engineer & Architect with over 20 years of expertise in implementing solutions and leading technical aspects of enterprise applications. Proven track record in cloud/legacy application migrations, mergers and acquisitions, ensuring scalability, resiliency, performance, and security. Possesses in-depth knowledge of fullstack development, architecture, and Cloud (AWS) technologies.

Seeks a stable, long-term position that will allow them to leverage extensive experience in a collaborative team environment. Thrives in an in-office setting and excels at communication and leadership.


Data Engineer

Seasoned Data Engineer with 3+ years’ experience in data manipulation, pipeline building, and automation. Proven ability to manage complex data workflows, maintain legacy systems, and lead teams. Seeks to leverage expertise for a Data Engineer role and contribute to efficient data-driven decision-making.


ETL Developer

Highly skilled ETL Developer with 4+ years of experience transforming raw data into actionable insights. Proven ability to design, develop, and implement ETL processes using SSIS, SSRS, and a comprehensive data warehousing toolkit. Expertise in data analysis, modeling, cleansing, and transformation to ensure data accuracy and integrity. Passionate about building user-friendly dashboards and reports with Power BI and Tableau for effective decision-making.


Nearshore Sr. Software Developer

Front-end developer with over 15 years of software development experience. The last 10 years have been focused on front-end development. They possess HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Angular, Node, and React expertise. Their strongest framework is React, with a focus on it for the past 5 years. They have experience building pages and both using and creating React components. This developer can work independently and has experience mentoring and training others. They have also served as a team lead on previous projects.


Nearshore IT Manager

A highly motivated IT professional with 11 years of experience as an Oracle Database Administrator brings a wealth of knowledge to any team. Their expertise spans across Linux, Solaris, and Windows Server environments, with proficiency in administration, performance tuning, backups and restores, and database migrations across cloud and on-premise platforms. They possess strong scripting skills and extensive experience with SQL, and are eager to leverage these skills in a dedicated DBA role.


Nearshore Sr Software Development Engineer

A highly skilled and experienced software engineer with a strong focus on software architecture, cloud-native development, and blockchain technologies, is proficient in many technologies, including .NET, Python, JavaScript, AWS, and Azure. They have experience with microservices, API design, and cloud-native architecture. Their skills and experience would be a valuable asset in various roles such as Senior Software Engineer, Software Architect, Cloud Architect, and Blockchain Developer.