VP, Data Management


Increased data maturity and capabilities by establishing data management vision, practices, and technical systems.


Built enterprise analytics that enabled 4x TTM revenue growth within 2 years.


Designed and implemented high-performance systems; core operational analytics complete 99.5%+ of queries in under a second with minimal annual downtime.

About VP, Data Management

With over 20 years of experience in data roles, this professional has a proven track record of building data-driven solutions that support significant business growth. Their expertise spans across various functions, from business analysis to executive leadership. They have developed and implemented data strategies for both large financial institutions and e-commerce companies, ensuring compliance with regulations and navigating challenging market conditions. Their core philosophy emphasizes the importance of a well-defined data strategy, treating core data systems as essential utilities and fostering a collaborative data ecosystem that empowers informed decision-making.




Data Architecture

Experienced with various data architectures including Kimball, Inmon, Modern Data Warehouse, Lambda, Lakehouse, Data Fabric, and Data Mesh.

Data Technologies

Proficient in modern data platform technologies for data management, analytics, and reporting.

Budget Management

Experience managing budgets for payroll and technology (up to $3.5M).