Senior Cybersecurity Engineer


Led the implementation of automation for malware remediation, reducing incident response time from over 30 days to just 15 minutes.


Led international summits to define encryption key management strategies, and supported Network Operations Center (NOC) defenders in identifying and mitigating anomalous network activity, contributing to national security efforts.


Played key role in re-designing a large company's legacy systems into modern, mobile-compatible infrastructure, while also introducing application security measures to mitigate internal threats.

About Senior Cybersecurity Engineer

A skilled and dynamic cybersecurity professional with seven years of experience in high-pressure cybersecurity environments, including government and financial industry roles. Experienced in leading teams of up to eight individuals and well-suited for hands-on roles. Currently serving as the head of the Cyber Security Operations Center, responsible for implementing management directives and proactively responding to diverse cybersecurity incidents. While at the NSA, they contributed to multiple projects to safeguard classified national information. Notably, they represented U.S. national interests at bi-annual international summits with English-speaking foreign partners, working collaboratively to shape a coordinated strategy for the future of encryption key management to ensure ongoing global interoperability. Available for interviews with notice.




International diplomacy and strategy development

Has represented U.S. national interests at bi-annual international summits focused on encryption key management for global interoperability

Skilled in system engineering and project management

Led teams in high-pressure settings, automating malware remediation, and significantly decreasing incident response times, while also demonstrating expertise in system engineering

Proficient in using Python for cybersecurity automation

Reduced incident response times from 30+ days to approximately 15 minutes in previous position