QA Architect


Successfully implemented Ready API for the testing team at a large tech advisory group.


Leveraged design patterns and S.O.L.I.D. principles to improve the maintainability of tightly coupled Windows Forms Applications.


Experience across multiple roles (Software Developer, Lead Software Developer, Quality Assurance Solutions Architect)

About QA Architect

This individual has over six years of experience in programming and application development. They have spent the last 4 years in a QA Architect role, providing setup, design, and implementation of Ready APIs. They created a proof of concept for various frameworks, including Selenium and Cypress, written in C#. They are experienced in building CI/CD deployments with Visual Studio and are additionally experienced in setting up and maintaining Azure pipelines.




1Automated API Testing & Development

Implemented Ready API, explored & built proof-of concepts for Selenium & Cypress with C#, showcasing expertise in API testing tools and automation frameworks.

Technical Leadership & Mentorship

Effectively managed & mentored a software development team, demonstrating leadership, communication, and knowledge-sharing skills.

Full Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) Experience

Diverse roles across the SDLC, from building integration platforms (development) to architecting test automation (testing), showcase well-rounded experience.