Data Analyst/Engineer


Helped implement a "single source of truth" initiative to bolster the reliability, consistency, and accuracy of inter-departmental reporting.


Reduced spend to low-touch cohort by over 75% YoY with no impact on retention.


Worked with customer facing representatives to identify and remedy pain points in onboarding and training processes.

About Data Analyst/Engineer

Data Analyst and Engineer with five years of experience in designing, developing, and implementing data pipelines and machine learning models. They manage and develop reporting for multiple business units and love to work with data to create reports, update processes, and automate wherever possible.

Primary skills include advanced levels in Python and SQL. They also do ETL work, mostly using the DBT tool to extract, transform, and load data, work with APIs, and pull data from Salesforce.

They work with data scientists and engineers to process and automate data and want to continue to grow within the data field. They are detail-oriented and an excellent communicator.





5+ years. Uses Python daily while doing analysis, to intake and transform data, to build data flows, and for automation of processes


Intermediate to advanced in writing SQL. Uses SQL daily to do analysis, write reports and all data products he produces are built with SQL


Currently uses DBT and DLT