Full Stack, SR., .NET Developer


Sr. Level Software Engineer with a proven track record of delivering results

About Full Stack, SR., .NET Developer

Most of his experience is in Full Stack .NET. He worked with Angular, React and Typescript on the front end and C# and APIs on the backend developing enterprise-wide applications. The last 9+ months he was focused on Java while at AWS Games. He worked on full stack Java including React and AWS. His team was responsible for creating games for Amazon Prime members.

Part of the layoff at AWS Games last week. He is ready to get back to work ASAP as he loves to be hands-on and wants to work on large distributed systems. He  thrives in collaborative team environments where people work together to create experiences that users will love.

He comes highly recommended from previous managers and peers. In addition to his technical skills and communication skills, another strength is his ability to simplify complex ideas in order to communicate with technical and non-technical audiences.



Front End

Used HTML, CSS, Javascript and Typescript, and frameworks including Angular for 5 years and React for the last year at AWS Games.


Full Stack Developer for the past 6 years, very proficient in frontend and backend including SQL, C# and APIs..


Worked with Azure for the past 5+ years while at Farm Credit and at Northern Natural Gas. Worked with AWS recently for the past 9+ months while at AWS Games. Very comfortable with both cloud environments